Make the Most of a Wedding Show

Take a deep breath and know it will all work out....SO...

February 20th is the 2019 Maine Wedding Association Augusta Wedding Show at the Augusta Armory from 11 to 3pm.  John and Renee will be there along with many other wedding professionals and even two fashion shows.  Renee will be co-hosting the fashion shows with Dream's Bridal and Tux in Downtown Augusta.  FUN!  Those happen at noon and 2pm.   

What to wear:  Before you even arrive wear comfortable shoes and clothes.  The show happens in the winter and you will walking comfort is a bonus.

Pre Sale Tickets:  You can get your tickets ahead of time. Saves you an extra step that morning.

Timing:  In our experience, people are very excited when they arrive and they tend to arrive early. If you arrive midway through the show things will be a bit more relaxed and there are still plenty of cake samples.

Frame of Mind: Come with an open mind. Yes, you may have ideas, desires, wishes...but the whole point of the show is to see wedding vendors right in your area, full of ideas and happy with work with you.

Take a Lap:  When you get at the show you may want to take a quick walk around, scope it all out, then go around again at a more leisurely pace. 

Talk-talk: Those business are there and they want to talk to you. Ask your questions! Get your info! Every business in that room has chosen to be there for you, they want to answer your questions.

The Fashion Show:  This is a chance to just take a step back, take a deep breath, and make sure you have covered all your bases and see some amazing gowns. The other way to use that time is to head back over to a business you want to have some extra time to talk with, we are sure they will be happy to talk.   

Enjoy :)