Thomas-john Veilleux
Entrepreneur / Photographer / Aviator

Thomas-john Veilleux is a skilled photographer with more than 30 years experience behind the camera. 

John is a private pilot, a commercial drone pilot, has had a novel published and his favorite ride at Universal Studios Florida is the E.T. ride.

He specializes in weddings, portraiture, and real estate photography.  He is also the founder of FireDroneUSA.com …a new company serving communities with advocacy for Public Health and Safety, and unmanned aerial systems designed for Fire Fighters.  

Yes, we can fly a drone at your wedding… circumstances permitting!



Renee Nelson
Marketing / Business Manager

Renee Nelson, who’s legal first name is Tracey, brings many years of experience in creative advertising, communications, problem solving and customer service as News Director for several Maine radio stations 92Moose & B98.5.

Renee is a dog lover, grew up on a horse farm and has seen every episode of Grey’s Anatomy AND Survivor! She can even perform you ceremony in Maine and most states!

Renee is also a skilled photographer working closely with wedding couples, to assure client's pictures showcase the beauty of their day with everlasting memories.